This is a blender file with two geometry nodes that contain many customizable settings for both a standard fence and a “rickety” picket fence.

Do you want to learn how to draw different kinds of fences along a curve in Blender?  Get this free blend file on NextDay Video’s Gumroad page and open the file and review the geometry node and feel free to customize and improve upon it!

Blender fence generator
Blender Fence Maker

Who is Next Day Videos?

Reach Media Advertising, Alias Creative Group, Random Art House — we were proud to serve Southwest Florida for over 15 years.  Now, we’re Next Day Videos and we operate mostly online for a wide variety of global customers.  Our main team is in Jacksonville, Florida but the web has changed the way we operate, as we’re sure it has your organization as well!

We started as a group of videographers, graphic animators and 3D scene artists in Southwest Florida.  We have been producing videos for all sorts of businesses and organizations since 1997.