Next Day Videos - Image of coffee pouring
This is a customizable animation for coffee houses and cafes for their web, TV commercials or events. Watch the video, it explains better how we can customize this for any business quickly (usually the “Next Day”! 😉 ) .

The animation starts off with a closeup of a coffee cup revealing the coffee cafe’s logo as a carafe pours out the coffee.  Everything in this scene is customizable from the logo, colors and objects in this scene.


Prices starting as low as $79 for basic customization!

This video can be customized with your own logo, different colors, etc.  We can even change the timing and camera movement to suit your needs.  3D scene was proudly made with Blender.

Background music is our own “Cosmic Rain” music sound bed, which is also for sale, royalty free!

Who is Next Day Videos?

Reach Media Advertising, Alias Creative Group, Random Art House — we were proud to serve Southwest Florida for over 15 years.  Now, we’re Next Day Videos and we operate mostly online for a wide variety of global customers.  Our main team is in Jacksonville, Florida but the web has changed the way we operate, as we’re sure it has your organization as well!

We started as a group of videographers, graphic animators and 3D scene artists in Southwest Florida.  We have been producing videos for all sorts of businesses and organizations since 1997.