Where We Came From

We began our journey in media production in the mid-90’s and were one of the first agencies in Southwest Florida to shoot broadcast television video in HD in the early 2000’s.  Since then, we have produced videos for a wide variety of clients including non-profits, hospitals, restaurants, car dealerships, chiropractors, jewelry chains, food service, community developers, home builders, and other advertising agencies.

What We Do

We can produce videos for your organization quickly and are available to edit and repurpose videos you already have!

  • We can create custom models for your products.
  • We can add special effects to your video footage. 
  • We can create 3D storyboards for quick conceptualizations.

Editing and post-production has been our bread and butter but we also provide 2D and 3D animations and creative graphics for custom video productions.

Though we have long-term clients under contract, we often serve as video editors for overflow work for other production companies and digital agencies that need extra reliable help fast.

We’re Your Agency or Production Department’s Secret Weapon

We are discrete about who we serve and understand if you are a digital agency what it means to provide the best quality to YOUR clients.  We want to be just another tool in your agency’s toolbox!  We value our relationship with YOU and go to great lengths to stay quietly in the background and be part of YOUR team as a loyal vendor.

One reason we do not showcase a lot of our work is because of our non-disclosure and non-compete agreements we have with different agencies across the world.


Next Day Videos offers fast turnaround service for a variety of media production needs.  Need a quote? Contact us today!

Our Move from 3Ds Max to Blender

Thank you Autodesk 3Ds Max and Maya, it was a good ride!  Because of the incredible advancements in Blender, we ditched Autodesk 3Ds Max and have moved our 20 years’ experience in 3Ds Max to the Blender ecosystem.

We love Blender so much we are proud supporters of Blender Studios and are so thankful such open-source software exists which helps us smaller agencies compete. 

We also try to give back to the Blender community by providing free models and new geometry nodes that can hopefully help other Blender artists.

For Creative & Concepts, We are Completely AI Free

AI is going to change the creative landscape A LOT in the ensuing years.  A lot of it will result in incredible improvements for creatives and speed up production.  It will also improve the quality of things we creatives can control, like improved rotoscoping and chroma-keying.  It will help us speed up consistent color-grading and modeling.

Using AI for these kind of things is just an extension of improving tools to be more effective and improving the quality of many types of productions.  These tools free up painstaking manual processes so we creatives can focus more on the fun stuff!

No one is going to argue that using AI to improve chroma-keying and video compositing is a bad thing.  What we do NOT use AI for is to help write scripts, music, or create any form of visual art. 

We’ll let other agencies use and rely on AI if they so choose, but for us and the foreseeable future, we prefer to be able to say “Made with love, by humans!”